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October 2012



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Fuck yeah, we can live like this...

Well, I know no one reads this. But I'm still going to update. There's some sort of sick satisfaction in knowing no one's really gonna read any of the shit you put out into the universe, because you can kind of write whatever you want.

Nothing has been going on, except I've been trying to work on my Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Life To-Do List and not getting anywhere. Not because I'm not willing to do anything, but because it just isn't the right time yet. Whatever.

Instead of writing 2000 words, I'm just going to post 80something photos from 2 music festivals I went to in Melbourne, Australia in March. Soundwave Melbourne, which was on March 2, also known as my birthday. And Future Music Festival Melbourne, which was on March 11. Amazing times, and even though I was alone, I saw all these amazing bands I'd only ever dreamt about being able to see live before. And I didn't even care. It was such an insanely free and beautiful experience. Also, with music festivals, just because music is such a personal thing, I would never have been able to have a good time by seeing the exact bands that I wanted to see unless I was with my absolute music soulmate, or, more realistically, alone. So it was good. Plus I met Andrew McMahon and Chris Carrabba, who've been my heroes since I was a kid (13 or whatever).

These photographs were shot with a Horizon S3 Pro, which is a panoramic film camera. There are a couple that are totally and completely overexposed or underexposed, just because it was one of my first few times using the camera or I had completely forgotten what ISO of film I had loaded in there. However, I decided to post them anyway, not for anyone to judge me (not that anyone's reading this), but just because there's still some detail in there and I wanted to document it. So here goes.

Pics plz.

Leaving the house on March 2nd, and walking up the hill on the sidewalk right outside my cousins' home. I remember walking this sidewalk and being nervous, and excited, but mostly nervous because I'd never been to a music festival before, much less one in Australia, and I was alone. But I also remember thinking about what a fucking amazing birthday it was going to be. And that was enough for me.

My cousins' house overlooks this amazing park where people bring their dogs to be walked. It's called Anderson Park and it's so fucking beautiful I can't even begin to explain it. I spent one afternoon  just chilling on the grass on a slightly elevated park, reading a book in the breeze and just listening to Lana Del Rey and The Smiths while looking at the skyline of the city in the distance. Nothing compares.

Got to Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, and it was blazing. It was the good kind, though, where you don't really sweat because it's not gross and humid like Singapore. I was excited.

It was kind of early so I bought a Boost and hung around for a bit.


It was a really beautiful day.

I just got lost among people and hung out until it was around 11am

Which was when SAVES THE DAY were playing. It was so fucking good. They did a zillion Weezer covers, and then played their own shit, including the never-gets-old Cars And Calories. It's such a classic David at age 13 song. I died. I have so many memories associated with that song and Saves the Day's "Stay What You Are" album. I never though I'd get this chance to go to a Saves the Day show. And at a metal festival, no less. It was too random, and too awesome.

They closed with At Your Funeral. I seriously almost cried at this point. It was just a huge wave of happiness and nostalgia.

Hung out for Unwritten Law

Waiting for Relient K to come on and checking out You Me At Six on the next stage.

Saw Relient K for the second time. I had seen Relient K a couple of nights before this at the Prince of Wales Bandroom in St Kilda, where they did a Soundwave Sideshow together with Jack's Mannequin and Chris Carrabba. They played the same set and were equally as amazing. I forgot how much I love them.

Went outside for air and food!

Went back in to see Dashboard Confessional play. While waiting though, I was totally rocking out to Cobra Starship at the next stage. And I'm sure everyone was judging me because they were Dashboard fans. But Gabriel Saporta is totally from the pop punk scene! He used to be in Midtown, guys! Don't judge! HAHAH

And then Chris Carrabba came on, and he was amazing. I saw him a couple of weeks before that in Singapore where he played a solo acoustic show at the Esplanade, and then a couple of nights before this at above mentioned Soundwave Sideshow.

I mean, I don't even know how to put it. I've been a Chris Carrabba nerd since age 12 or 13. And I've listened to all his CDs and EPs and I know all the words and I have such insane memories associated with these tracks. Some good and some bad, but going to these 3 shows of his just made me feel incredibly nostalgic and happy and sad at the same time. I can't even explain it. Each of the three shows were just insanely massive singalong sessions where everyone around me knew all the words and everyone was just in a moment that lasted really long. And as I experienced all these different emotions at once, and I knew everyone else was, too. It was beautiful. Oh yeah, I met Chris Carrabba and he signed my copy of A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar. Which is my favorite Dashboard album EVER.

I sat down for a couple of seconds for my legs to regain feeling and to load film.

Went out for a beer run and to buy a TON of merch. Some for me, some for my friends. It was great. Also went to the Artist Signing tent to purchase some tickets ($2 each lol) for a Chris Carrabba signing and a Jack's Mannequin signing. So excited I almost peed my pants!!

Wormed my way to the front row for KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES!! I was SO EXCITED!!!!!

Fucking loved their set. They closed with IF IT MATTERS AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!

I loved how big of a spectacle the whole festival was. It wasn't just stages with people playing shows. It was music, porta pottys, food stalls, drink stands, carnival rides, food trucks, boost trucks, merch booths, people selling clothes, a Sea Shepherd booth (I bought stickers!), just a ton of different stuff. I loved the whole vibe. Everyone was just excited about music and mostly intoxicated.

Couldn't quite make it for their full set due to trying to make artist signings, but FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS! This photo is dedicated to TZE. SHE LIKES!!

Saw Jack's Mannequin play for the second time that week and the third time in my life. I love them! There's just nothing I can say.

I don't know how I don't have any good photos of this, but SUMMER SET!

Chelsea, Chelsea, tell me you love meeeee


It was getting late! This was where people came to get drunk. I went by it on the way to the Artist signing tent.

Took this picture after meeting Andrew McMahon (you can still see Andy in the window next to the blonde girl). I was so excited. He is seriously a personal hero of mine, and aside from being totally awesome (SOCO FOREVER!!!!!!!!!), I just loved Everything In Transit and it's one of my favorite albums of all time. I didn't even have words, but I tried to talk to him without seeming like a total fanboy (failed miserably), and just tried to be cool (didn't work). But I was happy.

I was exhausted and went to check out the last band of the night (in my personal schedule), Angels and Airwaves! I died.


On the train on the way to Future Music Festival. EXCITED!




It was still early!

Waiting for Jessie J to come on. Jessie J is just fucking amazing.


Jessie J. I know she's a pop star. But she just has such a fucking good voice?! She played a Future Music Festival Sideshow a few days before this, and my cousin surprised me with tickets to it for my birthday! I had such an amazing time. Then when she came to Singapore a few weeks later, Yoko and I scored really cheap tickets so we hit it!



Haha I had a moment of weakness and rocked out to Gym Class Heroes while having my 485902859th bottle of pear cider. It was a good time.

Hipsterz. "Omg I love your camera"


They played "The Fighter" featuring Ryan Tedder (from a track), which was great.

Ruby Rose spinning between sets. I don't even know who she is and everyone was hating on her.

THIS IS SO FUCKING HIPSTER I DON'T EVEN. HAHAH. But they were fun, we hung out and danced for a bit.

The next 294929492 photos are going to be of Friendly Fires. I don't even know how I managed to take so many photos considering I was dancing my butt off and having fun.






Yes, this really had to be photographed twice (I'm retarded).

Some lady who thought my camera was cool tried to take her own photo with it while it was slung across my back. Resulting in this photo. I was like ?! and figuring she was really drunk, said I'd take her picture if she really wanted me to.

And this came of it. I love it!


People rocking out to SKRILLZ


NAKED AND FAMOUS. I DIEDDDDD. They made really weird song choices for a music festival. Well, I guess they only have one album to pick from. But I love them anyway, and they closed with Young Blood, which was perfect. And I caught Jesse Wood's drum stick! CRAZY SET. LOVED IT.


People lifting a guy in a wheelchair up. How lovely.



Cool camera! Can you take our picture?

I hung out with these girls in the pit who gave me an 'in' to the 2nd row as we hung out while waiting for THE RAPTURE to begin. I didn't really listen to them before and really only wanted to stake out a good spot for The Wombats playing on the same stage after, but I had such a good time! We were dancing and being happy and The Rapture blew my mind!





Honestly, this set was such a fucking riot. I love all Wombats songs and that's the kind of band you want to see live, just because there are NO possible bad moments. They closed with Let's Dance To Joy Division!

This show made me decide to go ahead to Malaysia and see them on my own even though all my friends bailed. Nothing compares to that feeling and fuck people who don't understand that. Do things only for yourself.



It started to get dark.

I don't even know how this photo happened. Anyway, after the INSANE Wombats show, I was soooo tired but made it to the 2nd stage for NEW ORDER! The last band of the night. SO GOOD. Swedish House Mafia was playing over at the next stage, which was cool, but you can't fucking beat New Order. You just can't.


Everyone just kind of hanging out and dying after New Order's set.

People clearing out.




Going home

Lunch a couple of days later with my uncle and aunt who took me out for lunch on the day I was leaving. We ate seafood by the beach and it was beautiful and simple and the greatest last day I could have asked for. (Totally forgot I had 1600 film in the camera and exposed for 100 film. I'm stupid.)

Okay bye!
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Posted on Jun. 18th, 2012 02:49 am (UTC)

hey dave, haha glad to see u enjoying music festivals in aus. although i bet the proportion of douchebags to music lovers far surpassed the latter. hope that didnt ruin any festive spirit. and really beautiful pictures.
Posted on Jun. 18th, 2012 11:09 am (UTC)

Haha hey Jasper. It's been a while! Oh without a doubt it was a good day to spot and party with complete douchebags. It didn't bother me though, maybe cause I was on holiday and in too good a mood. I had fun. Aw thanks for that. It was really casual shooting! They banned DSLRs so I thought I'd try something crazy and shoot film!

How are you, by the way? Always like reading your updates haha

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