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October 2012



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Carried Away

So this is what it's like to feel happier. Who knew?

My mind is only consumed with a few things:
  • Getting my driver's license
  • Getting my paperwork and VISA sorted out
  • Going on holiday to Hong Kong
  • Going on holiday to Los Angeles
  • Moving to New York
In the mean time, I have taken up contributing to a project that doesn't pay any money, even though it's fun. I'm hemmoraging money on life. Azealia Banks and I are two peas! "Broke with expensive taste."

I have problems putting the pieces together. I don't really know what I want these days. Although I have finished my two years in the army, somehow my life is still filled with themes of escapism and sadness until the day comes.

Insert word for the situation I do not know how to describe is present but fleeting. I don't know how to deal with this as it is new to me. What do people do in these situations? Everything is temporary, and we already knew that, but it is now amplified and I don't have an answer for what happens.

I miss March, ironically enough. I was truly happy for a while in March and it was beautiful. I was covered in the flood and I was okay with it.

Family is not okay, and I suspect will continue not to be from now on.

How did we get here and how do we move on? I can only suspect that leaving everything behind is the best answer.

music: Chris Carrabba
tags: life, update


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