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October 2012



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So proud of my friend Tze and his band Josey for putting out this song and finally finishing this music video. This song is so important for our generation and age group, and it's really meaningful. I'm so impressed that my friends were able to write something that has such deep relevance and significance to us growing up. I feel nostalgic and happy and proud and hopeful when I listen to it, it's really great. I'm proud to have been in the music video and help film a certain percentage of it. It's just so great to finally see it out, and if you ever went to school with me, you should just watch this and hopefully it will help you smile and remember.

I'm going to write more soon. I'm feeling kind of contemplative. What does that even mean?

至今24 25才明白是小巫見大巫

music: 7AM - Josey


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